May Income – $1997.89

Here is a breakdown of my income for May.

Interest $4.26
Amazon FBA ($18.47)
Unemployment $640
Cash Back $13.27
Credit Card Bonus $500
Credit Card Other $100
Bank Bonus $200.00
Job $558.83
Total $1997.89


May’s income was decent considering I only had one week of pay during the month and it wasn’t even a full 40 hour week.

I cashed out $500 of credit card rewards to cover some of my hike expenses. I also received a $200 bank bonus during the month. Since I came back from my hike early I was able to get unemployment for the last two weeks of the month. I’ll probably only collect another week or two of unemployment before I start making some money from self-employment or find a temporary job.

My FBA income was negative this month and I didn’t have any online income or expenses. This month I should make a profit from FBA and I might make some online income as well.

I’m pretty happy that I made more money than I spent for the first month of my six month mini-retirement. I’ll have a large dental bill this month so I’m unlikely to repeat that feat this month. My income will likely be down this month as well since there won’t be any paycheck at all and I won’t have a large credit card bonus like I did in May. I will be trying to make money during the month so maybe I’ll make more than I think.  If I can come close to covering my expenses for the month I will be happy.

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