February Expenses – $1136.14

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for February.

Household $57.47
Rent $435
Entertainment $19.55
Transportation $170
Food $176.89
Travel $0
Phone $14.04
Health $263.19
Total $1136.14


My February expenses were very high. I came fairly close to making my monthly goal of $1000.

I got a speeding ticket that set me back $143.50. That was the first I got a speeding ticket since the 90’s. I was unpleasantly surprised at how high the fine was. I will be watching my speed a little more carefully now. Without that ticket my transportation expense would have been super low. I only had to get gas once in February. Since I live close to work and am working so much that I rarely go anywhere besides work and home I’m not using much gas. My gas expense will go up a little this month. I’ll also be taking the bus or Uber to and from work for a few days so I don’t have to deal with the traffic caused by the Big 12 tournament. Even with the addition of those expenses, my transportation expenses should be way down this month since I don’t plan on getting another ticket.

I also had a $165 medical bill.  Without that medical bill I would have made it under my $1000 goal. My medical expense should go back to normal this month. There shouldn’t be any expense other than my health insurance.

My monthly food expense was too high once again.  This is getting to be a broken record. I am starting the month with a lot of groceries. If I start eating at home more and eating out less I can cut the food budget down quite a bit. It will be a little healthier for me as well.  This really shouldn’t be too hard to do.

Other than that my expenses this month should be about the same as last month. Barring any unforeseen expenses, March will be the first month this year I hit my $1000 monthly spending target.


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