January Expenses – $683.52

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for January.

Household $455.42
Entertainment $40
Transportation $0
Food $100.84
Student Loan $0
Travel $0
Phone $24.79
Health $62.47
Total $683.52


January was a  ridiculously low expense month. This was partially due to having gift cards to pay for some of my food and all of my gas. This was one of those rare months where no unusual expenses popped up.  Since my income was low last year my health insurance has gone down to $56.97 a month. My required student loan payment has gone down to $0. All of the income from this blog will still be paid towards my student loans even though I’m not obligated to make any payments this year.

Although February is a shorter month than January I am sure it will be a higher expense month. It is difficult to have two very low expense months in a row. This month I expect to pay more towards travel, transportation,food, and my student loan. Even with those increased expenses I expect to keep my total expenses below $1000.

How was your month?

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