Decluttr -Sell Old CDs and Other Clutter – $10 Signup and $10 Referral Bonus

decluttrDecluttr is an online service that allows you to sell your old CDs, DVDs, books, mobile phones,  and electronics. To sell your stuff you just go to the site enter the barcode of the item and get an offer. Once you’ve confirmed your order, pack all of your items – CDs, DVDs, Games, Blu-Rays and Books – into a box. Then you print a free shipping label and drop the box off at your nearest UPS shipping center. After your stuff arrives at Decluttr they will pay you the next day.

I have tried Decluttr myself and it was a pretty easy process and they did pay as they said. I sold about 20-25 CDs for a total of $10 and change. That wasn’t much, but these are CDs that hadn’t been listened to in years and would otherwise have been donated or thrown away. The $10 was just enough of an incentive to motivate me to get rid of the CDs. Now that I have verified that Decluttr works I’m going to get rid of the rest of the CDs in the house.

If you would like to sign up for Decluttr you can get a $10 bonus by clicking through my referral link and using my referral code DXR9HCGXYL. You need to sell Decluttr at least $10 of stuff to qualify for the $10 bonus.  I’ll receive a $10 bonus for the first ten qualified referrals as well.  Once you have signed up and qualified for the $10 sign up bonus you can refer new users and receive $10 per qualified referral for up to ten referrals.  That means you could make $10 for signing up and $100 for referring  your friends. That isn’t a bad deal for getting rid of some extra clutter.

8 thoughts on “Decluttr -Sell Old CDs and Other Clutter – $10 Signup and $10 Referral Bonus”

  1. Hi, Just a question. Sending in my first box. Do all of the free shipping labels say 8 LBS on them? Box is way over 8 pounds.

    • Mathew – I’ve only ever sent in one box and I don’t remember how much it said it weighed. Maybe somebody else know the answer?


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