March Income – $2303.63

Here is a breakdown of my income for March.

Mystery Shop $30
Interest $0.80
Job $1189.05
Amazon FBA $480.64
Cash Back $403.14
Bank Bonus $200
Total $2303.63

March was a decent income month. The job income was a big help since it did make up half of my total income. My monthly income would have been a little less than my monthly expenses without the job income. It doesn’t look like there will be any job income this month. My project finished about halfway through the month and the next project I got assigned to was delayed. Since I have my medical procedures next week and I plan to leave on my hike the week after that it won’t be possible to work at the document review job this month.

My FBA income took a big hit in March. There were a lot of returns and a lot of items that sold for very little profit or for a loss. Since I’ll be gone most of this month my FBA income will suffer. I hope I can make at least as much as last month though.

Cash back income continues to be strong due to all the shopping I do for FBA. The $200 bank bonus was a nice boost to my income as well.

Since I’ll be hiking most of the month my income this month will go down.  My goal for the month is to make at least as much as I spend.

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