November Income – $541.33

Here is a breakdown of my income for November.

Online Income $0
Interest $3.57
Uber $41.50
Amazon FBA $441.21
Cash Back $44.55
Mystery Shops $10.5
Total $541.33


November was not a good income month. With the end of my job my income fell dramatically. Most of my spending in November came  from my last October paycheck which was paid just two days before the end of the month. Now that I’ve spent that I’ll have to make more money this month or draw down my savings. I’ve earmarked all of the money I got from my settlement for paying down my 0% credit card balances which were used to pay down my student loan. There will be no use of the settlement money for paying basic living expenses.

My FBA income should go up this month with all of the Christmas shopping. My sales increased quite a bit the last week of November and are continuing to do well this month. FBA income probably won’t be enough to cover my living expenses though. Uber is the most likely option for making more money. If I put in the hours driving for Uber I will make more money. My other income sources will likely remain the same and don’t really add a significant amount to my income.

I actually had some online income last month for the first time since July. Since I also paid for three years of hosting and for help transferring my sites to a new host I still lost money online last month. The days of making $1000 a month or more from my blogs are gone. It appears they won’t be coming back either. At least not from the same methods that made me money before. I’ve made some efforts to make money on my blogs from affiliates, but they haven’t had any results yet. I’m more interested in making money from FBA so I won’t be spending too much time trying to resurrect the blog income.

If I can’t get my income back up to a decent level this month I will have to start looking for another job. I’d much prefer to work for myself, but a job may be necessary to pay my bills.

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