June Expenses – $1002.00

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for June.

Household $407.57
Entertainment $38.16
Transportation $126.12
Food $107.79
Student Loan $183.86
Travel $0.00
Phone $36.78
Health $101.72
Total $1002.00


My June expenses were once again fairly low.  I missed my goal of $1000 or less in spending for the month by just two bucks.  My health expenses were lower than I thought since I had only a $4 prescription and a $14 lab fee to pay in addition to my monthly health insurance premium. This month’s expense will be a lot worse since I’m having my dental implant surgery which will cost about $2700. That is a pretty good deal for three implants, but I still hate to pay it.

My transportation expense was slightly inflated since I bought a $100 gas card for $90 which I didn’t completely use during the month. I bought another $100 gift card for $90 this month so the expense will be slightly inflated again.

We may book some airfare to Portland this month. Otherwise, all my expenses will probably be about the same this month as last month. The health category where I have to pay for my implant surgery being the notable exception.

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