April Expenses – $1212.29

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for April.

Household $404.32
Entertainment $90
Transportation $310.62
Food $99.29
Student Loan $183.15
Travel $0.80
Phone $26.30
Health $97.81
Total $1212.29


My April expenses were not too bad considering I bought a car and took a vacation to Niagara Falls. If it weren’t for the six month insurance expense of $198.66 and the car registration expense of $60.50 I would have made my $1000 target.

The reported monthly total doesn’t reflect all of my personal expenses for this month. I left out the purchase price of my car since it would throw off my expense average. Also, since the car is an asset it doesn’t make sense to immediately count the entire cost as an expense. My friend JK at MyFrugalMiser has a good way of dealing with the car expense. He expenses the car depreciation monthly according to the amount of miles driven. Although this is a reasonable way of tracking the car depreciation expense I will not be doing this. Mainly, because I don’t want to bother tracking my mileage. Also, because a lot of miles will be business miles and it doesn’t seem accurate to count the depreciation as a personal expense when it is also part of the business mileage expense.

The monthly total also doesn’t reflect the extra $2383 I paid towards my student loan since including that amount in my monthly total would throw off my monthly expense average. Although, I won’t report the extra amount paid on my student loan in my monthly total I will always report it in my expense post and possibly elsewhere.

For some reason my monthly phone bill declined from the usual $26.81 to $26.30. That decline will be short-lived. I bought a new phone last month because my old one wouldn’t run the Uber app I needed to drive for Uber or the Amazon Seller app which is extremely helpful to have for my FBA business. Since I upgraded my phone I lost my grandfathered $25 a month rate on Virgin Mobile and will now have to pay a $35 a month rate. That is still a pretty good deal and I plan to write off the extra $10 a month as a business expense.

Even though we took a three night vacation in Niagara Falls my travel expense for the month was only 80 cents. That is in part because some of the vacation expense was paid in the previous month and a lot of the travel was free or almost free. For the amount of the vacation expense I did have to pay during the month I was able to get reimbursed for most of it by my travel rewards credit card.

This month my expenses should be about the same other than the car expenses. I might also have increased medical expenses since I’m guessing some of my medical bills will become due. Other than that it should be another low expense month.

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