April Income – $2747.38

Here is a breakdown of my income for April.

Online Income $105
Interest $2.53
Cash Back $45.06
Amazon FBA $159.91
Jobs $2434.88
Total $2747.38


April was a good month for income. It should have been a little better. I was expecting to receive two full paychecks in April. Unfortunately, I missed three days plus a couple of hours due to being hit by a car. Getting hit by a car is not good for your finances. I should get paid for that time eventually, but it will probably be a while.

My Amazon FBA income was my best yet. It is still a long ways away from being a full-time income though. I’m trying to ramp that income up and hopefully I will be successful.

My other sources didn’t contribute much and that probably won’t change this month. This month will likely have a big drop in income since I no longer have my full-time job. There is a possibility that I’ll be starting a temporary job tomorrow. Since I haven’t heard from the employer yet I’m thinking that job probably isn’t going to happen. If I don’t get the job I plan on driving for Uber to make up some of the job income. In order to keep paying down my student loans I can’t have any poor income months. I plan on working full-time hours at my various endeavors and I’m hoping that results in a full-time income.



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