January 2015 Easy Money Summary

January was a decent month for easy money. This is the first month I have kept track of my easy money, but I think this was a better than average month.

In January I received $20 in Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks. If you would like to sign up for Swagbucks I would appreciate if you would use my referral link. Doing so will help me earn Swagbucks and won’t cost you anything. If there is interest I will share what I do to earn Swagbucks.

I earned a $25 Gyft gift card for signing up for Moneystream. That offer is no longer available. I used my Gyft gift card to buy an AMC Theatres gift card. With this gift card, a gift card from Christmas, and a gift card from redeeming my Discover card cash back we won’t have to pay to go to the movies for a while.

I received $10 in Total Rewards from Caesars’s Entertainment that we can use when we go to Vegas next month. Also, I earned rewards by playing MyVegas Slots that I can redeem for free stuff on our next Vegas trip. Rather than tracking the loyalty points I earn on MyVegas I am just going to count rewards redeemed.  Since the value you get for your loyalty points varies quite a bit for different rewards I think this better reflects what I’m getting from the program.

I earned a $5 bonus on my Emerald Card. This deal was only available to H&R Block employees. I also earned a $100 referral bonus from Motif Investing. I have a referral link for that bonus in the sidebar or you can leave a comment and I’ll email you a referral link. If you sign up through the referral link you can also get a $100 bonus. You will have to make a couple of trades to earn the bonus though. It ends up being a slightly over $80 bonus which is still a good deal.

Overall, I made $160 in free money in January. February should be even better. I already had another person sign up through my Motif referral bonus. I also opened a Bank of the West checking account which will pay me $150 in bonuses although I’m not sure if they will post this month. And I opened a Personal Capital account through a referral link which should reward me with a $10 Amazon gift card.  If all of those bonuses come though I’ll be ahead of January and there is still a lot of month left to make more easy money.

2 thoughts on “January 2015 Easy Money Summary”

  1. Please share what you do on Swagbucks. I do it also but would like to know what others do to earn. Please include about how many points you earn a day if possible. Also on MyVegas Slots is it free or do you have to pay? Thanks!

    • I will share what I do on Swagbucks in a post within the next couple of weeks. I usually earn about $20 in gift cards a month which would be about 450 points a week.

      MyVegas slots is free to play. You can buy chips, but there is no need to. I haven’t done so yet and I’ve earned plenty of rewards.


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