December Expenses – $855.15

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for December.

Household $405.89
Entertainment $80.92
Transportation $48.55
Food $130.67
Student Loan $106.00
Travel $0.00
Phone $26.81
Health $56.31
Total $855.15


My December expenses were very low. I managed to make my stretch goal of keeping my expenses to $1000 a month. Not having any travel expense in December helped a lot in keeping my expenses down. Not having a car anymore helped keep any unexpected expenses from popping up. The cheap gas prices helped too. I only spent $48.55 to fill up my GF’s car with gas twice and get an oil change. It is unlikely I’ll be able to keep my expenses as low this month. I’m returning to work which usually results in me spending more money on food. My health insurance will also be almost $30 a month more this year. Although I expect my expenses to go up this month I think I have a good shot of keeping my expenses under $1000. I can’t complain about that.

4 thoughts on “December Expenses – $855.15”

    • I sold it back in September since it was due to have some expensive repairs. I never got around to writing a post about that although I think I’ve mentioned it in some post. I plan to get a car sometime later this year. My tax job is easy to get to on the bus so I can get by without a car for now and not having a car is saving me some money.

    • You could call me a Grinch. I’ve gotten everyone but my mom to agree to not get me any presents and I won’t get them a present. It works out great for both parties. Neither one has to spend any time or money getting a present for the other.


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