August Expenses – $1194.15

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for August.

Household $410.23






Student Loan









My August expenses almost got down to my target level of $1000.  I had a dental appointment which cost $165 which caused part of the overage. My entertainment expense was the only category that was way too high.  I spent $40 on a $50 movie gift card which will be used mainly this month and I put some more money into fixing my bike which resulted in the high entertainment expense.  All of my other expense categories were okay.  This month I am having some oral surgery so my expenses will be way up. I will probably also have some travel expense. Everything else should remain about the same.

2 thoughts on “August Expenses – $1194.15”

    • This figure is a little misleading since my GF does all the grocery shopping and I contribute a little money towards the grocery budget. When I was living alone I spent about the same though. I usually eat pretty simple stuff. It mostly isn’t healthy food so I should probably change my diet.


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