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healthcareThis is actually my experience trying to get insurance on the website.  The site isn’t working correctly for me and I still haven’t been able to sign up for insurance.  It took a week before I could even get to the application page.  Since finally getting to the application page I’ve had repeated problems trying to complete the application and enroll in a plan.  First, the site kept saying I hadn’t completed my application even though I had filled out everything.  I had to fill out the application several times before it actually registered as completed.  Then I was finally able to shop for a plan, but when I went to actually enroll in the plan the website froze up on me and sent me to page with an error message in Spanish.  Now, I can’t seem to get past the dental plan option.  Even though I keep declining the dental coverage the site won’t register my choice and I can’t move on to the review of my policy. The website is a humongous fail.

Despite the shortcomings of the website I have been able to learn a little bit from the site about my options for health insurance in 2014.  Based on last year’s income I would be eligible for a $244 a month subsidy for health insurance.  At that subsidy level I could get some health insurance plans for free. Since I think my 2013 income will be a little higher than my 2012 income I chose to reduce the subsidy to $200 a month.  This level of subsidy allows me to get a health plan for as low as $15 a month.  That would be for a bronze plan.  This plan is actually quite a bit better than my current health plan since it has an out of pocket maximum of $6300 compared to $13,000 for my current plan.  If I weren’t eligible for  a subsidy I would have to pay about $215 a month for the cheapest health plan.  That is a lot more than the $65 a month I’m currently paying.  Since the new plan would be a major improvement the price is probably reasonable, but I would prefer to have a choice. Catastrophic health care plans are no longer available to me.

It looks like the Affordable Care Act will benefit me in the coming year since my health insurance premium will drop from $65 a month to $15 a month for better health insurance.  That doesn’t mean much if I can’t actually enroll in a plan.  I do see that the plan I selected is offered by Blue Cross and it appears that I can sign up for it directly on the Blue Cross website.  If the site isn’t fixed soon then I will look into that option.

Has anyone actually been able to enroll in a health insurance plan at


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  1. i have the exact same problem! Can’t get past the dental care option. I don’t need dental insurance! Sure wish i lived wherever you do! my cheapest plan here in Missouri, with a $362 subsidy is $128 per month!

    • I live in Missouri. I’d think the prices would be the same state wide, but maybe it depends on where you live. I’m 46 and the lowest price plan available to me was $215 before applying a subsidy.


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