Is MoviePass a Good Deal?

MoviePass is a new service that aims to be the Netflix for going to the movies. You pay $29.99 a month and you can see up to one movie a day. The pass is only good for 2d movies. It doesn’t work at all movie theaters, but I checked the theaters in Kansas City and it seemed MoviePass would work at most of them. This could be a good deal if you watch a lot of movies in the theater.

Even though I watch more movies than the average person, it wouldn’t be a good deal for me. I usually watch about 4 movies in the theater a month. Admission is only $5 at the theater I usually attend which makes my monthly spend only $20 compared to the MoviePass $29.99. The other major drawback is that you have to buy an annual subscription. If something changes during the year and you are no longer able to attend movies frequently then your remaining subscription is basically money down the drain. Another thing to consider is that if I am going to the movies more often then I’ll be tempted to buy concessions more often, leading to more money being spent.

This could be a good deal for a movie fanatic, but for now I think one movie a week in the theater is plenty. If I want to watch more movies I’ll just stay home and watch them on Netflix.

12 thoughts on “Is MoviePass a Good Deal?”

  1. If movies were better then I might seriously look into this. Unfortunately I think Hollywood is hurting for ideas and all new movies are completely unoriginal and boring.

    We’ll be going to the movie Saturday night (because I have a free ticket) and I’m hoping we don’t get stuck with a lame duck.

  2. We just use MyCokeRewards. If you have AMC in your area, it’s awesome. (Especially if you have friends and/or coworkers who drink Coke products!) You can cash in points for a single ticket and large drink. Or, if you’re a couple, go for the slightly larger package: two tickets, two drinks and a large popcorn.

    The weird thing about AMC is that if you’re a Stubs member ($12/yr) you still earn points on things you pay for with a gift card or passes. So every third or fourth movie we see, my husband and I get a $10 credit. Without spending a penny. Strange, but I’m certainly not going to argue.

    • That sounds like a good deal. I have checked out Coke Rewards before but it seemed like it would take too long to accumulate enough points to redeem. I don’t drink soda anymore so unless I find someone to donate all their codes to me I won’t be doing Coke Rewards. I am a Stubs member so that would make the rewards a little more worthwhile.

  3. It wouldn’t be worth it for us as we hardly watch movies or the television as it stands. We’re even thinking about cutting cable altogether when our 1 year contract is up with Rogers. The price is just too high for something we watch once in a while.

  4. FYI — They charge $60 for you to cancel your membership after the first “discounted” month on the program. I had to threaten to file a dispute with my credit card company because they bury the fee in their TOS.


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