Online Income Report – August 2011

Here is a breakdown of my online income for August 2011.

Google Adsense – $292.83

Affiliate Income – $252.25

Brokered Ads – $55.17

Amazon – $11.31

Direct Ads- $1774.26

Total – $2385.82

August was another great month for income.  I thought the direct ad deals would slow down but they are still going strong.  I have actually canceled a couple of my low paying month-to-month ads to make room for better paying ads.  I’d like to diversify my income more so that direct ads aren’t such a large percentage of my income but my efforts at making affiliate income haven’t produced much results.  I probably need to work smarter and harder on increasing my affiliate income.   I’m not complaining, I’ll take the direct ad money as long as it continues.  I’ve already made about a thousand bucks this month so September will be another good month.

10 thoughts on “Online Income Report – August 2011”

  1. How do you get so much in affiliate dollars? I’ve made about $40 in the past YEAR from affiliate income and have no idea what I’m doing wrong, because I do everything the experts tell me to! Maybe the audience I write for isn’t looking to spend $. I am planning to expand into other niches as well, so hopefully the affiliate income will pick up from those!

    Congrats on a job well done!

    • Whether you have much success as an affiliate does somewhat depend on the niche of your blog. People coming to this blog aren’t generally looking to spend money but I’ve had good success promoting SwagBucks here since it doesn’t cost anything to sign up and can make people a little bit of money. My other blogs are more finance oriented and are much better for making affiliate income.


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