Giving up Soda and TV for Lent

I’m not Catholic but I’m willing to use a religious practice for my own benefit.  My wife and I are giving up TV for Lent.  I am giving up soda as well.  I don’t think giving up TV will be a problem at all since football season is over.  There are current TV programs that I like but none of them are ones I can’t miss.  I’m hoping that giving up TV will lead to an increase in productivity although past experiences would indicate otherwise.  In the past when I didn’t watch TV I just spent more time surfing the internet and reading books.  I’m instituting some others to be less lazy so maybe this time will be different.

Giving up soda will be more difficult. This is not something I have had much success with in the past.  I did go without soda for six days last month without too much difficulty.  My main substitute for soda is sweet tea.  With all the sugar and caffeine in the tea I’m drinking there won’t be much benefit to it compared to drinking soda.   I do get tired of drinking tea quicker though so that should eventually lead to less consumption of sugary beverages and more consumption of water.  I’m hoping that giving up soda will lead to some weight loss and possibly better sleep.

Even if I don’t gain much from giving up these two items I still think this is a worthwhile endeavor.  It is good to see if I can practice some self-discipline on occasion.

6 thoughts on “Giving up Soda and TV for Lent”

  1. Another great substitute for soda is mixing club soda with your favorite drink, like organic fruit juice. The no-TV thing definitely increases productivity. It gives you some extra hours to exercise, cook, read, etc. Good luck and have fun!

  2. Good Luck with your no TV watching. I am also giving up TV for Lent. I am a Lutheran and I did feel like I should give up something very important to me for Lent. I knew how much I loved TV and that it would be a perfect thing for me to give up. It is a major sacrifice for me to be doing this for 40 days. Giving up soda is also a good idea. I wonder if I can add that in to my 40 days. Like I said good luck, and whatever your reason for doing it, you are right, its good to practice self discipline every once in awhile *kudoos*

  3. We are giving up T.V. for…life, lol. Seriously, Dh has decided that when we move to our homestead, watching an occasional DVD on the computer will suffice rather than moving our big honking entertainment center.

    As for giving up soda, well, give up everything with sugar in it for a month and after that sweets stop tasting so good. Figuring out how much money you’re wasting on it every year might help too…

  4. This last month we turned our cable off. We are doing it to save money and really for what we were paying for TV it really wasn’t worth it. I signed up with Netflix and really like that. We like to watch the Food Channel, Travel Channel and that sort of stuff so Netflix fit right in. I am trying to get my wife to accept turning of the phone and just use the cell phones. We also do not drink a lot of pop. We really like the crystal light and we have gotten to mix them to vary the taste. Try grape lemonade.

  5. I don’t understand this lent thing. Yes, giving unhealthy consumptions are healthy and frugal and show wisdom, but giving up soda for a few short hours when Christ gave his life? I fail to see the similarity. It seems so trite. Please explain. Just reread comments and humbly apologize. Most are giving up things they consume for the long term, not for a few short hours and their lives will be the richer for that. I need to parallel their examples. Thanks


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