Update and Goals for March 2011

A lot has happened since I last updated what is going on in my life. I decided to delay taking the bar until July. I just didn’t feel I was ready for it this month and I’m not sure if I will be able to prepare for it with self-study alone. I’m going to start reviewing again in May and if I don’t feel like I’m making sufficient progress on my own I’ll shell out the money for a review course. I’ll definitely be taking the bar in July since you are only allowed to postpone the exam one time after that you are out your exam fee. I’m not going to pay another $1000 to take the exam again so this time will be it.

I also have started a new medical study. For this study I’m basically gone a week then back home for a couple weeks three times. There are two visits this month and one in March. It is a bit of a hassle but it is worth the money.

I’m also going on a short trip to Dallas next week with my wife. This is just a getaway trip. I had a $200 credit from Southwest that I got for being bumped from a flight last year that was about to expire and I decided to use it for this. A short getaway should be good for my mental health.

I’ve not done very well on getting things done so far this year. Therefore I’m going to set some goals and try very hard to keep them.

My first goal is to make at least $500 in income from sources other than my blogs and the medical study by the end of March. This should be fairly easy to meet. Most of the money will probably come from mystery shopping but I am hoping to sell a few things as well.

My second goal is to have my ebook finished by the end of March. I’m hoping it will be closer to the beginning of March. I am going to write at least a page a day until I’m done. I’ve outlined most of what I want to write and I think the material is all in my head I just need to get started. I’ll post again at the end of March with some new goals and how I did on these goals.

3 thoughts on “Update and Goals for March 2011”

  1. It is amazing to see people truly understand the idea of paying yourself back for doing a good job. To many people today do not understand that with proper mental health one can succed with amazing outcomes. It is amazing to see you helping people understand how to succeed in a certain niche, and I promise karma will see you and help you when you least expect it.

    Great job and keep it up.


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