December Income – $896.30

Here is a breakdown of my income for December.

Online Income




Stock Dividends








I did manage to increase my income in December as compared to November. It still wasn’t quite enough to cover my expenses though. I do need to start making more money than I spend and I should be able to do that this month. I didn’t make much money from my job last month since I didn’t have the opportunity to work very many hours. That will change this month and I should make quite a bit more money from the job. It will not be full-time hours and the pay isn’t much so it isn’t going to be too much. It is a good thing I have passive income and alternative income to help pay my bills as well.

A lot of my stocks paid dividends in December but not as many pay dividends in January so that will be down this month.  There probably won’t be any other significant changes in my income this month.

2 thoughts on “December Income – $896.30”

  1. Hey Andy-

    I noticed you posted your 2009 expenses in summary but not your 2009 income. I could look at each individual month but was wondering if you plan to post about your 2009 income. You earned a good bit from medical studies. Did your total income exceed your total expenses or did you have to dip into savings? I’m curious about your long term goals as well as far as adding to your retirement savings.

    • I haven’t actually added up my 2009 income yet. All that data is in my monthly reports it just needs to be added up. I hope I made more than I spent but I think it will be close. My income definitely needs to go up.


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