Stuff I Didn’t Spend Much Money on This Year

Off the top of my head here are a few things I didn’t spend much money on this year that most people spend a lot of money on.

  • Haircuts – I didn’t spend any money on haircuts this year.  I use clippers to cut my own hair and am quite happy with the results.
  • Clothing – I bought two pairs of hiking shorts at $1.15 each.  That was my only clothing expenditure for the year.  This number will go up a little in 2010 since I’ll need to replace my underwear and socks but I don’t plan to spend any other money on clothing.
  • Cable – I haven’t had it and don’t plan to.  I spend too much time watching TV with just the over-the-air channels.
  • Landline Phone –  I have a cell phone that costs me $30 a month and includes unlimited texts and data.  That is a much better value than a home phone.
  • Personal Hygiene – Ok, this one sounds bad but it isn’t.  I get most of my personal hygiene items for almost free from CVS or Walgreens by playing the drugstore game.  The fact that a 99 cent bottle of shampoo will last me all year helps also.

That is just a few of the items I don’t spend much money on. I’m sure I’ll think of a few more things later.  What items do you spend little or no money on?

4 thoughts on “Stuff I Didn’t Spend Much Money on This Year”

  1. Michelle – Ha. Somehow I seem to accumulate more clothing although I rarely buy any.

    vm – I’m not sure if I talked about my cell phone plan before or not. I have the Sprint SERO plan. Unfortunately, the plan is no longer available. I’m grandfathered in and hoping they don’t completely eliminate the plan.

  2. It’s funny about clothes. I was at a thrift store with my grown daughter. There was pretty top I liked, and I kept going back and forth whether I should buy it. My daughter laughed and said, Mom its only 37 cents…buy it. So I did, and I splurged on the barely used sneakers for $1.37, which I have already gotten 2 years wear.
    I did feel bad when I got paint all over the top and threw it out a year later. Really I should have cut it up and tried to braid a mat with it.


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