I’m Back

I arrived back in KC last night. Now that I am home again I should get back to posting more frequently here. I haven’t been too inspired to write lately but I will at least write a little about my trip.

Now that my travels are over I just have to figure out a plan for what to do for the future.

4 thoughts on “I’m Back”

  1. Andy I have been reading your blog for awhile and you seem to not have it together dude…especially for a PF blog. You are always back and forth on what y0u are gonna do. You keep talking about getting the amount of readers you have up but you have got to start posting better reading material to do that. You were gonna take the hike and then backed out after a couple of days. Then it was the trip out out the country to prove you could live out of the states on money you make online and you backed out of that? Come on….time to grow up and do something…you can make this blog work if you would just get it together. You just seem way to back and forth to your readers to ever get this blog above what it is. Just saying……..

  2. Andy, glad to see you made it home safe. We really can’t wait wait to hear about your adventure, even though it was shortened! I give you a bravo for being couragous enough to leave the country, hoping for a new adventure. Wish I could be more adventurous like you. Hmmm, now what would I do with the day job?

  3. Battgirl – Thanks for the criticism. You are correct that I’ve been rather wishy-washy on what I’m going to do lately. There is also no doubt I need to post better reading material if I’m going to grow this blog. I do have things together as far as my finances go but other things are undecided. It isn’t too uncommon for students to be undecided on what to do after graduation. Although in my case it might be more of a mid-life crisis. 🙂

    Marilyn and Dreamer – Thanks. I will have posts sharing my experiences in Central America. They weren’t too exciting but hopefully they will interest you.


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