Guatemala Update 2

This is just a quick note to update you on my new plans. I´ve decided I don´t want to spend a whole month in one place so I´m back on the road again. I´m going to Guatemala City today to buy a bus ticket from there to Panama City and back to Guatemala City again. The bus stops in the capital cities of El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica and I can spend however many days I want there and resume my bus trip at a later date using the same ticket. The cost is only $243 round-trip which is a good deal. These buses are much nicer than a Greyhound bus. I´ll post another update when I have internet access and I know more about my future plans.

1 thought on “Guatemala Update 2”

  1. Good luck on the bus trip! It would be very interesting if, when you got a chance, you could give details on how you went about planning your trip and finding the best deals as well as the things to avoid, etc when in a place like this. I’d like to learn more! 🙂


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