What do You Want to Read?

To improve this blog I am considering having several days of the week dedicated to a specific subject. This would also make it easier for me to decide what to write about and maybe make me less lazy since one step of the writing process would be partially completed. For example, I used to reserve Saturdays for writing about law school and now plan to use them for posting about good deals. I would like to expand that concept and have Mondays be for frugal tips, Tuesdays be for extra income ideas, etc. I would like to leave at least a couple days open though to give me flexibility on what to write about and to just not post when I’m not feeling creative. Just let me know what you would like to read and I will try to implement your ideas. Of course, this system will go out the window when I’m hiking but I’d like to get it established now and I’ll resume it when I return from hiking.

4 thoughts on “What do You Want to Read?”

  1. I enjoy reading about your personal philosophy–why you choose to live the way you do. Such as your opinions on personal finance and what you decide to give up in order to retire early. Like I’ve said before in the comments section…your personal life is more interesting to me than anything else. It’s so different than mainstream America’s! Since I also want my husband to retire early (I’m currently a stay-at-home mother of two) I’m always interested in how others plan to manage it financially.

  2. I enjoy reading about ways to create alternative income streams. I also enjoy reading about frugal ways to stretch your dollar. If you write about yourself that would be great..


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