Social Media and Blog Marketing

It seems like there is a new social media site coming out every week.  I understand that these can be used to promote your blog but none of them have ever really worked for me.  I have accounts at Myspace, Stumbleupon, and now Twitter but I haven’t done much with them.  I have received some traffic surges from Stumbleupon but not because of anything I did.  I just got lucky that someone stumbled my posts.  I am sure I could be making much better use of these media but these sites really don’t interest me.  I just want to write my blog.  Without some marketing though there won’t be anyone reading my blog and my blog won’t be producing much revenue.  I write this blog because I like to write but I also want to make money from it.

I just started on Twitter so I’m not giving up on it yet.  Otherwise, I don’t plan to sign up for any more social media sites unless they interest me for reasons other than blog promotion.  I’m thinking of hiring someone to do blog marketing for me.  This is an area where my frugality borders on cheapness.  The one time I did pay for some help improving my blog I received a huge return on my investment.  Yet I’m still hesitant to invest more money in my blogs.  I guess I need to get over that and come up with a plan for improving my blogs and then find someone to implement it for me.

3 thoughts on “Social Media and Blog Marketing”

  1. I’m finding that twitter is useful for ideas, if that makes sense. It’s like one big chat room.

    I put several news feeds and money bloggers into my follows and have been following up on tweets that look interesting. If I find a post I like, I retweet it or blog about it or both.

    Twitter is possibly driving more traffic to the blog, but it’s still so new that most people I see there I have run into on other places on the Internet. I’ve also had other linkage recently, so it would be difficult to figure out which readers are coming from where.

  2. The important thing when engaging in social media sites is that you understand it and enjoy it. If it’s not interesting for you then trust your instinct. Drop it and find other sites that you are really happy and comfortable with. and i must say, give twitter a chance, i find it interesting and helpful..


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