A Somewhat Frugal Bed Purchase

We acquired a new bed over the weekend.  We had been needing one for some time.  Barbara Mandrell may have complained about sleeping single in a double bed but sleeping double in a double bed isn’t all that great either.  There just isn’t enough room for us to both sleep comfortably in a double bed so we upgraded to a queen size bed.

We got the mattress for free from one of my GF’s coworkers.  Her coworker didn’t like it because it was too firm.  It is definitely firm but I can sleep fine on it and the price was right.  My days of hiking and sleeping on a wooden floor with just a thin sleeping pad under me have changed my perception of how soft a sleeping surface needs to be.

Although we got the mattress for free we still needed a new frame and foundation.  We were hoping that the frame we were using for the double bed might be adjustable but no such luck.  We went and bought a frame fairly cheap at Sam’s Club and then bought the foundation at Big Lots.  We still needed bedding since the double size sheets wouldn’t fit the queen bed.  While shopping for those we found a bed frame that also doubled as a foundation.  Since it was cheaper than the foundation alone we bought it and now have to return the frame and foundation we had already purchased.  Kind of a hassle but worth it for the savings.

Setting up the new bed was pretty easy and didn’t take as long as I thought it might.  I’ve now had two nights sleep in the new bed and I think it was worth the investment.  We haven’t turned on our heat yet and being able to curl up in a warm, cozy bed is nice.

3 thoughts on “A Somewhat Frugal Bed Purchase”

  1. Turning a normal steel double bed frame into a queen is not difficult. Just buy some angle iron at home depot. You can get it with holes already drilled. It looks like steel swiss cheese. Add a few bolts and you’re done.

    IMPORTANT – flat iron won’t work, you need angle iron for strength. Buy enough to overlap about a foot on each side.

    This doesn’t work for king beds in which the box spring is actually two twin size box springs.


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