I Won’t Be Living In A Van

At least not in the near future.  When I stated that I was going to be moving into a van this fall I had every intention of doing so and was looking forward to the prospect.  However, things have changed since then. My relationship with my GF has grown more serious and I’m spend almost every night at her house.  If I moved into a van I’d still be spending almost every night at her house.  That would end up being an unfair situation since I’d basically be living at her house but not sharing any of the living expenses.  Therefore when my lease is up I will be moving in with my GF. I’ll be contributing towards our living expenses an amount roughly equal to my current living expense. I’ll probably do a separate post about that.

I hope this isn’t too much of a disappointment to those who were looking forward to my posts about living in a van but moving in with my GF is the fair and practical thing to do.  Of course it also represents a step forward in our relationship and a further commitment to each other.

My new plan is to live in a car or van for a short time this fall as a sort of experiment.  I’ll post details and pics when this plan is finalized.

10 thoughts on “I Won’t Be Living In A Van”

  1. Wow things are getting serious.. Why don’t both of you move into a van. That could inspire you to write a script for a movie. I am sure it will be a blockbuster hit. And it would increase your passive income:-)

  2. For a while now I’ve been considering living in a van for 6 months to a year to accomplish the dual goal of getting some debts paid off and being able to paint in several wilderness areas around the country.

    Any book or online article recommendations on the practicalities of living in a van?

  3. DB Ellis- There are several good resources online. Check out cheaprvliving.com, hobostripper.com,and a yearinacar.com for articles from people that are actually living in their vehicles. I’d also recommend joining the vandweller group at yahoo.


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