Tight Fisted Miser Charity Drive

I haven’t given much to charity in the past but I’ve decided now is a good time to start. I’ll be seeing my aunt soon who let me live with her when I first moved to KC and wouldn’t take any money from me. Her husband died of cancer a few years ago and Cancer Action was very helpful during that time. I’d like to present her with a donation in her husband’s memory to Cancer Action and you can help increase the amount I donate. I’ll donate money for each of the following actions. I’ll donate $1 for every new subscriber here or at Bank Bonuses. I’ll also donate $1 for each account you sign up for on the Make $$$ with TFM page. I’ll also donate $1 if you let me know that you have made a donation. And I’ll donate $5 if you sign up for an account with FNBO Direct. You can do any or all of these actions. The maximum I can afford to donate right now is $200 but if enough people take actions that make me money I’ll increase the donation. I don’t have any way to track new subscribers or account signups so just leave a comment letting me know what actions you’ve taken. Thanks in advance for your help.

*This isn’t off to a very good start and maybe that’s because I wasn’t clear enough in the post. Anyway, I need everyone to leave a comment so I know how much to donate. To provide a little more incentive I’ll donate $1 for every comment left.

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