My Latest Money and Health Hack

My latest money and health hack involves not buying a parking permit for school this semester. That saves me the $96 cost of the permit. I have classes starting at 8am Tuesday,Thursday, and Friday. If I arrive on campus by 7:30am I should be able to get a parking spot on the street. If not I can park at metered parking for $0.75 an hour. Having to feed a meter should provide me some motivation to get to school early.

Now for the health part of the hack. To be absolutely sure that I can get a parking spot on the street I plan to arrive to school before 7am. I am going to just get out of bed, get dressed and go. I’ll need to take my shower at the fitness center and since I’m already there I’ll get a workout in. This is somewhat like the plan I had earlier this year to go without hot water at home, forcing myself to shower at the fitness center. That plan was derailed by the closing of the locker rooms and showers for remodeling of the fitness center. Since the remodeling is all finished the plan should work this time.

There is one more way this plan should help my money and health. In the past I usually went out for a fast-food lunch when at school. I can’t do that now because I’d be extremely unlikely to be able to find another parking spot on the street when I returned. This means I’ll need to pack my own lunch which will be cheaper and healthier than a fast-food meal.

Using this hack will make it simpler for me to save money and improve my health. I’d love to hear any money and/or exercise hacks you guys have.

3 thoughts on “My Latest Money and Health Hack”

  1. I like that your plan saves you money throughtout the day – save on monthly permit cost, save water, improve health to lessen potential higher medical costs, save money on lunch. I love a good plan and it is a good plan.

  2. I love health/finance hacks. You gotta love killing two birds with 1 stone! 😀

    How about this one- When you go to a restaurant, drink water every time. You’ll save a good deal of money over time and consume a lot less sugar and caffeine to boot.

  3. Double- Thanks. I think this plan is going to end up being better than I originally thought.

    Blake- Thanks for the tip. It is one I need to implement since I’m trying to cut back on my soda intake. One hitch is I receive 2 free Mcd’s meals a week and it seems a waste to not take advantage of the free beverage.


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