Introducing the Frugal Blog Network

There are a lot of blogger networks popping up and since I wasn’t invited to join any of them I decided to start my own. The Frugal Blog Network is a group of three other frugal bloggers and myself.  Our goal is to increase the quality of our content and the viewership of our blogs.

You should check out the other member sites but I’ll include a brief introduction of the member sites here.

  1. Antishay Ventenne: Is a young Seattle resident who recently became debt free. You can learn a lot more about her at her About Me page.
  2. Frugal Babe: Is a married twenty-something living in the suburbs of an anonymous city. Learn more about her at her About Me page.
  3. Not Made of Money: Is a blog by a husband and wife team who live on one income. Visit their About Me page to learn more.
  4. Tight Fisted Miser: Since you’re here you should already know who I am.  I’m a 40 year old law student living in Kansas City,MO.

We will operate like most other networks with weekly roundups and occasional group writing projects.  We’re also looking to add a couple more members.  If you have an established blog that at least somewhat pertains to frugality and would like to join send me an email.

5 thoughts on “Introducing the Frugal Blog Network”

  1. So happy to read this post today. I am a 40 yr old housewife, who is enjoying reading your blog. I am not sure how I found it exactly. I go from blog to blog and yours is a keeper for sure.

    I am so glad that you created your network, I will be visiting the blogs and saving the links for repeat visits.

    I hope to one day join your network, just maybe if it my blog gets up to speed.

    I need all the help I can get 🙂

    I am fairly new to the blog world, but hope to stay for a long long while.

    BTW I am looking forward to reading about you living in a van.

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