Gas Saving Challenge

David from David Makes Cents and Sean from Financial Ramblings recently had a gas saving challenge.  The goal was to see who could get the larger percentage improvement over the EPA MPG estimates.  David managed to get 32.257 MPG which compared to the EPA MPG estimate of 29 amounted to 12.16% improvement.  Sean got 32.088 MPG which compared to the EPA MPG estimate of 26 amounted to a 23.4% improvement.  Both of these are much better than the EPA’s fuel economy estimate which shows that you can significantly increase your MPG by altering your driving habits.

I didn’t participate in the gas saving challenge but I keep track of my mileage anyway so I can do a comparison.  My last four tanks I have gotten 30.2,32.29,33.22 and 34.42 MPG.  All of them except for the 30.2 amount reflect a large amount of highway driving.  Using the 30.2 figure I am doing just a little better than the EPA figure of 29 MPG for combined driving.  This isn’t too bad considering I was using my a/c the whole time and it also includes two shifts of pizza delivery driving.  If I compare my 30.2 MPG to the new EPA estimate for combined driving of 26 MPG than I’m doing really well.  The new EPA MPG figures are 26 MPG for combined driving, 23for city driving, and 31 for highway driving.  The old EPA MPG figures were 29 combined, 27 city, and 34 highway.  The EPA changed the way it calculates MPG because people complained that the old figures were unrealistically high.  I find thought that the old figures more accurately reflect my style of driving.  You can find EPA estimated MPG for your vehicle at

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