Don't Forget to Make Money

The simplified formula for personal financial success is to spend less than you earn and invest the rest. Blogs like mine concentrate on the spend less part but don’t say much about the earning part. This makes sense since this is a frugality blog but I think the earning part of the personal finance formula is too often overlooked. I’m certainly guilty of it. It is one of the issues I addressed in my “I’m Frugal So Why Am I Poor” series of posts. Other personal finance bloggers are guilty of it as well. In many cases I think this is because they are already earning a better than average income and assume the spending part is what every one needs to address. If you’re only making $15,000 a year though you need to concentrate on earning more, not just on spending less. At that level if you manage to save 10% of your income it is only $1500. This is better than nothing but you’re not likely to ever become financially independent at that rate. I’m looking forward to finishing the semester so I can start concentrating on earning more money and making financial progress. There are probably plenty of others out there who need to concentrate on earning more as well. I’ve added a “Make Money with TFM” page to get the earning more started.

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  1. There are certainly varied definitions (and amounts) of discretionary income, and the differences lead to saving and investing behaviors which are disparate, as well. People in other parts of the country may have higher or lower costs for housing, insurance, and food, as well. As Roman points out, while the principles may be similar, everyone’s investing is personal according to their circumstances.


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