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Learning Spanish abroad is a quick way to learn the language and can also be a frugal vacation. The immersion technique allows you to learn the language much faster than conventional classes. Plus you get to experience the culture on a deeper level than most tourists.

There are many good Spanish schools out there but my recommendation is Madre Tierra Spanish School in Quetzeltenango, Guatemala. At the school you receive five hours a day of Spanish instruction from trained and experienced instructors. You also receive a homestay with a local family which includes a private room,hot water, and three meals a day. The cost is only $135 a week. That would only add up to $540 if you wanted to go for an entire month. You could quite possibly go on vacation for less than staying at home. My time spent in Guatemala was one of the best times of my life and I highly recommend it.

This is not a paid post. I just think this is a great deal and want to help out my friend at the school.

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  1. Debt Challenger- Sorry for the delay in replying. I haven’t gone to this school but I did learn Spanish from one of the instructors/owners of the school. This was in 2000. I’m still in email contact with my friend and I’m confident her school would be an excellent choice for anyone wanting to learn Spanish.

  2. The military offers free logins to The Rosetta Stone software for free. We get the full access which allows us to learn all 30 languages.

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