A Million Dollars is Too Much and Not Enough

There is something about a million dollars that seems to evoke strong feelings in people. Compare the following two posts about a million dollars.

“84 Year Old Social Worker Saves 1.4 Million Dollars” at Get Rich Slowly. Most people found this to be an inspiring story but there were some who felt that she must have had a miserable life if she was able to save a million dollars. And there were others who said that what she did couldn’t be done now.

“What Would You Do With a Million Dollars” at Bargaineering. Most people here feel that a million dollars isn’t really that much money.

My thoughts are that a million dollars is still a lot of money and I could comfortably retire if I had that sum right now. Saving a million dollars is a reachable goal for most people with an average income. I believe I could save a million dollars if I made that a primary goal. I’d prefer to spend less time working though so I’ll attempt to live like a millionaire rather than be a millionaire.