Viva Las Vegas

Gray Line Neon Lights Tour
photo credit: Smart Destinations

Next weekend I will be taking a short vacation in Las Vegas. Through a friend of a friend I was able to get a round trip flight for $100 which was too good of a bargain for me to pass up. Adding in my hotel room, parking, and ground transportation will be roughly $100 more. The only thing that could make this vacation expensive is gambling. And I will be gambling but I plan to keep it under control. I might even win. It has happened before.

I won’t spend all my time gambling. I’ll spend time hanging out with my best friend who is working a poker tournament there. I lived in Las Vegas for five years and I would like to look up some of my old friends there as well. Being frugal I have some coupons for various activities to use also.

Since I am leaving on my hike in March my original plan for February was to keep my expenses as low as possible. My frugality isn’t so strict that it would keep me from taking advantage of bargain vacation like this just because it wasn’t in my budget though.