August Income- $1389.60

Here is a breakdown of my income for August.



Online Income


Bank/Referral Bonuses




Surveys/Selling Stuff




My income was decent considering I only worked for about half the month.  M y online income should be up significantly next month.  I use the cash method of accounting, I had a good amount of affiliate sales in August that won’t be counted until I receive them this month.  It will be difficult to make up the $864 in job income though.  I’m working on some ways to increase my online income but it will probably be a couple months before I see any results.

August Expenses- $1214.69

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for August.













Student Loan Debt/Education




I went over my goal of $1000 but that mostly was because of the $200 I gave to charity so I’m ok with that. Should be under $1000 this month because my education expense will be down since I’ve bought all my books and I won’t have a donation to charity. Transportation costs should go down since I’m not doing the delivery job anymore. My food costs were only $32.51 since I ate most meals at my girlfriend’s house. That cost will go up this month because I’m going to start buying some of our groceries. The other expenses should remain roughly the same.