Eating for Free

There are lots of opportunities for for free food.  For example, I receive two free meals from McDonalds each week, I could attend different presentations at school where pizza or other food is served frequently at school, I can receive free meals for doing mystery shops, I often see food for free or better after coupons at sites like MoneySavingMom, IHOP and Denny’s both had free meal promotions this month, and there is the occassional candy dish as well.  With all these ways to get free food I considered trying to go a month eating only free food.  I decided against it though because I knew I would be too tempted to eat my GF’s food.  She probably wouldn’t be real happy with us not going out to dinner for a month either.  I still believe it is possible to eat only free food though.  It probably wouldn’t be a very good diet but you would receive enough calories.

I used to eat well for free when I worked at the casinos when I lived in Nevada.  Almost all casinos serve their employees a free meal with varying degrees of restrictions on how much and when you can eat.  When I worked at the more generous casinos I would come in before my shift and have breakfast, have a quick sandwich lunch during my shift, and then have dinner after my shift.  I only spent money on food during my days off or for an occasional snack or beverage after work.

Anyone have a free food story or tip they want to share?