Dollar Store Deals

Due to my recent move I needed to acquire a few household items.  Being a Tight-Fisted Miser I didn’t want to pay any more than necessary for them.  Therefore I checked out the dollar store and was able to find a few things I needed there.

The best deal at the dollar store is probably the shower curtain.  It is $1 for the curtain and another $1 for the rings.   This would be about $10 at a big box store.  The quality probably isn’t as good but the shower curtain does its job and I haven’t had one fall apart on me yet.

Another good deal at the dollar store is kitchen items.  I bought a can opener for $1 and it works fine.  I also have a small frying pan that I bought at the dollar store several years ago that is still working fine.

Perhaps my best dollar store deal was a large laundry bag that I bought a couple years ago.  When I went hiking I used this to store my backpack when I checked it as baggage for my flight.  Many people buy large duffle bags to store their backpacks in which generally cost at least $20.  (If you don’t store your backpack in another bag the various straps and buckles on the pack often get caught on baggage handling equipment causing major damage to the pack.)  I figure the laundry bag saved me at least $19 and I still use it as a laundry bag as well.

Cleaning supplies and personal hygiene products can be good buys at the dollar store but I usually get these for free or almost free from playing the drugstore game.

I suppose some of the food might be a good deal but I just don’t trust food from the dollar store.

Do you get any good deals from the dollar store?  What products do you not recommend getting from the dollar store?