Online Income Report – October 2010

Here is a breakdown of my online income for October 2010.

Google Adsense – $338.23

Affiliate Income – $750

Text Link Ads – $48.45

Direct Ads – $33.23

Ehow – $11.89

Total – $1181.80

My online income was over $1000 for the fourth month in a row.  This is great income, especially considering I haven’t done a lot of work on my sites the last couple of months.  My Adsense seems to have recovered from the summer doldrums.  It should remain strong through the winter.  The main source of my income in October was from affiliate income.  I prefer this to the direct ad sales since I think it is more sustainable.  However, the vast majority of this affiliate income was from one limited-time offer.  Whenever the affiliate ends the offer my income will likely nosedive.  This hasn’t happened yet so my November income should still be over $1000.   I’ve been turning down a lot of direct ad offers since I don’t think the money they are offering is worth the risk to my page rank.  My goal for the rest of the year is to diversify my affiliate income and develop my own product.

Dropping Google Adsense

Google search
photo credit: adria.richards
As you may have noticed I have dropped Google Adsense from this blog. This was making me about $30 a month but I’ve decided to drop it for a couple of reasons. The first is that I don’t like the amount of dependence my blog has on Google. This blog actually makes more from other income sources than it does from Google Adsense. Overall though, my online income is about 50% Adsense, 50% everything else. Google is my main source of traffic as well.

The second reason is because I can’t control what ads are displayed. I want you to be able to trust the ads that appear here. Any ads or links that I put in my sidebar will be for products or services that I have personal experience with and personally recommend. I plan to have my own products for sale here later this year and I want readers to trust what I offer them.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t want to make money. It just isn’t my primary purpose for writing this blog. I still have Adsense on my other blog Bank Bonuses which is all about making money. This blog is my personal blog though and I feel that its content reflects on me as a person. I will try to make up the $30 a month I’m losing by dropping Adsense. Perhaps having my affiliate links featured in the Adsense spot will lead to more conversions. I’ll also experiment with other affiliate products that I think would be a good fit for this site.