April Expenses – $1302.31

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for April.


April’s expenses were about what I expected.

Entertainment expense was for an Amazon Prime subscription, 4 weeks of a WSJ online subscription, a visit to the Night Market, and taking 3 people to the movies with concessions.

Rent was $219.25. This was for my wife’s apartment May rent and April’s utilities for her apartment.

Transportation was $13.70 for a tank of gas for my wife’s scooter and some local taxis,

My food expense was $345.97. That is for 3 people and mostly eating out so it is a reasonable amount considering those factors. This month my food expense will be way down since I’ll only be buying for 2 for the first half of the month and only for myself for the last half of the month.

Utilities were $251.12 This was for my electric and internet back in the U.S plus the electric bill for my stepdaughter’s room. It was about 105 degrees almost every day here so we used a lot of air conditioning.

My phone bill was $8.76 for one more month of Thai phone service. This month I shouldn’t have any phone expense at all.

The household expense was for a haircut, a couple of towels, and a variety of household supplies that we needed.

I spent $13.18 on over-the-counter medicine.

Travel expense includes $193.27 for airfare. That includes a ticket from Buriram to Chiang Mai for my wife, a round-trip ticket from Chiang Mai to Bangkok for me, a one-way ticket from Chiang Mai to Bangkok for me, and a one-way ticket from LAX to Kansas City. That is quite a bit of flying for the money paid. It also includes $49 for the annual fee on my IHG card. The card comes with a free hotel night which I will use when I stay overnight at LAX. The room would have cost about $180 if I was paying out of pocket making for a good use of my free night. Lastly, this expense includes 2 bus tickets, a long shuttle, and a couple of airport taxis.

I provided $26.86 of support to my wife. This was just small amounts of money I gave her for various things that I didn’t bother categorizing.

I’m guessing this month’s expenses will probably be a little bit less.

How was your month?

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