September Income – $35.32

Here is a breakdown of my income for September.

Amazon FBA($0.62)
Cash Back$13.19
Online Income$7.53

September’s income was terrible. It wasn’t unexpected since I was in SE Asia all month and did not have a job. My non-job sources of income didn’t add up to much. I actually lost a little bit on Amazon FBA due to a couple of refunds.

This month’s income will be higher since I’ve already received more income this month than in September. It will still be a very small amount though. Until I get back to the States and resume my tax job my income will likely remain pretty meager. I am trying to build up my online income, but it will likely be months before I see any results.

I don’t like having such a small income for the month. I did save plenty of money to cover my expenses while I’m here in Thailand so the lack of income will not be a problem.

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