I Now Have Only 2 Monthly Bills

With the recent cancellation of my Moviepass account I now have only 2 monthly bills. My rent and my cell phone bill are the only monthly bills I have.  Of course, I still have other expenses every month such as food and gasoline, but rent and phone are the only monthly bills I have.

My rent includes utilities so that eliminates having an electric, gas, water or trash bill. The city I live in provides free internet so that is another bill I am able to avoid. I also don’t have a home phone, choosing to have just a cell phone. When I first opted to have only a cell phone and no landline about 15 years ago people thought that was weird. Now I think that having only a cell phone is pretty much the norm. My cell phone is only about $25 a month. It might be possible to save a few bucks on that bill. Since I’m happy with my service and it will work for me when I’m in SE Asia for 2 1/2 months, I don’t think it is worth the trouble of switching providers and possibly not liking the new service for a tiny savings. If you were to sign up for Project Fi cell phone service through my referral link we’d both get $20 Fi credit after you’ve had service for 20 days. That would make my cell phone bill even cheaper.

My car insurance could be paid monthly, but I choose to pay six months at a time to save a few bucks. Technically, I also have a monthly student loan bill and health insurance bill. These are both $0 right now, so I don’t count them as monthly bills. I have been making voluntary payments on my student loan since I will eventually have to pay it. Next year when my payments are based on my 2017 income rather than my low 2016 income I will have a required student loan payment. I’ve been considering not renewing the IBR plan and just letting my student loan go back to the 10-year payment plan. If I do that the student loan will be by far my biggest monthly bill. My health insurance is $0 since ACA subsidies are covering the premium. I’m hoping I will be able to resume my employer health plan once I return to my job. That would give me another monthly bill, but since it comes out of my paycheck it doesn’t really feel like another bill.

For a little while I might be able to cut down my monthly bills even more. Since my lease is up right before I leave for SE Asia I am planning on moving out of my apartment. Then my only monthly bill will be my phone and possibly a storage space for my stuff while I’m out of the country. I will have to pay to stay somewhere while I’m in SE Asia so the money I save by not having rent will be spent on that.

I’m pretty happy with my current level of expenses and won’t spend too much energy trying to get them even lower. What I need to concentrate on now is developing more sources of income.


2 thoughts on “I Now Have Only 2 Monthly Bills”

  1. You are the definition of living simply. I’m working on getting rid of financial complexity. The goal is to fully automate my finances so that everything happens without input from me. When do you leave for Asia?

    • The bill side of my finances is simple. Overall, my finances are somewhat complex since I have lots of credit cards and several bank accounts. I like reviewing my accounts so I probably won’t get much simpler and I won’t automate.
      I’m leaving for Asia the beginning of September and coming back right before Thanksgiving.


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