August Expenses – $1661.87

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for August.

Household $1240.81
Entertainment $13.03
Transportation $53.84
Food $238.25
Travel $0
Phone $29.97
Health $85.97
Total $1661.87


August was not a great month for expenses. My expenses were way higher than normal and way over my $1000 target. The high expenses were due to my moving into a new apartment. Rent was high this month since there was some overlapping of rent for my new apartment and shared expenses I paid at my GF’s house. There was also about $300 spent on furniture and other stuff for the apartment.  For that $300 I got a futon, twin innerspring mattress , shelves, wi-fi router, pot and pan set, toaster oven, hot plate, plastic storage containers. cleaning supplies, paper towels, toilet paper, laundry detergent, hamper, dish towels, towel rack, toilet paper holder, shower massage, shelf liner, fabric storage drawers, and probably a few more items I can’t think of right now. I think I got pretty good value for my money.

I also spent $300 to have internet installed. This will allow me to have free internet for as long as I live in this apartment. That is a great deal. Electric and water are included in my apartment rent, so $435 a month will pay my rent and all utilities including internet.

Food was another bad expense category in August.  I ate out all but three days during the month. Some days I ate out more than once so I had about 30 restaurant meals for the month. That is bad for my budget and terrible for my health. I’ll be cutting way back on that this month.

This month food and household expense will be a lot lower. Health will be a bit higher since I have a dentist appointment and I’m getting new health insurance from work. Getting health insurance from work is supposed to be a benefit, but it is a detriment for me this year. The cost will be more than my marketplace insurance  and the deductible is considerably higher. Plus, I’d already met my deductible for my marketplace insurance and now have to start over meeting the deductible for my employer insurance. That will cost me some money. How much it costs me depends on how much health care I need the rest of the year.

I expect my other expense categories to remain roughly the same. I should at least get close to meeting my $1000 target this month.


How was your month?

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    • Jon- My internet isn’t from Google. Mine is provided by the city. Google does offer a similar internet deal in surrounding areas, which I’m sure is what spurred the city to offer this deal.


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