May Expenses – $1166.38

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for May.

Household $455.69
Entertainment $115.93
Transportation $0
Food $325.15
Travel $186.04
Phone $26.60
Health $56.97
Total $1116.38


May was a pretty good month for expenses considering I was on vacation for three weeks of the month. My food, travel, and entertainment expenses were all a bit higher than usual due to being on vacation.

I didn’t have any transportation expense for the month. I did have expenses for Uber, trains, and buses while in Europe.  Those are included in the travel expense category rather than transportation for this month.

I’ve decided to list my student loan expense separately since it will throw off my monthly numbers. In May I paid $1549.17 towards my student loan.  That was a pretty good amount for the month since I made very little money in May.  I won’t be able to make a large payment towards my student loan this month, but I might at least make a small payment to slow down the increase in my loan balance.  Next month I should be able to make a large payment towards my loan again.

Considering I was in Europe for three weeks where things are quite a bit more expensive than here in KC I think I did a pretty good job of keeping my expenses reasonably low for the month.  I could have done even better, but the fatigue of travel often led to me making the easiest purchase rather than the most frugal purchase. Overall, I am happy with my level of expenses for the trip.

How was your month?

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