February Income – $3685.69

Here is a breakdown of my income for February.

Qapital $5
Interest $4.36
Online Income $320.26
Amazon FBA $593.48
Cash Back $80.05
Job $2682.54
Total $3685.69

My February income was pretty good. Receiving two full paychecks contributed most of the income for the month. I was happy to make almost $600 from FBA since I barely sent any products in during the month. I cut the prices on a lot of my items that I’d had for a while to get some more sales. I’m almost completely sold out of items now. I’ll send in a few more items this month though.

This month will be an even better month for income because I will have three paydays this month. My other sources of income will probably be down this month, but the extra paycheck from my job will easily make up for any shortfall.

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