September Income – $828.65

Here is a breakdown of my income for September.

Mystery Shop $14.50
Interest $1.46
Health Survey $75
User Testing $10
Online Income $90
Amazon FBA $594.16
Decluttr $20
Cash Back $23.53
Total $828.65

My income wasn’t very good in September. I didn’t have any luck finding a job. There was some good news on the job front though. I was officially hired for my seasonal tax job. That job doesn’t start until January so I’ll be looking for other ways to make money until then.

I did have some new sources of income in September. I made $20 referring people to Decluttr. If you would like to sign up for Decluttr you can get a $10 bonus by clicking through my referral link and using my referral code DXR9HCGXYL. You need to sell Decluttr at least $10 of stuff to qualify for the $10 bonus.  I’ll receive a $10 bonus for the first ten qualified referrals as well.  I made $75 referring people to an online health study.  If you buy your own insurance then you might qualify for the health study. If you use my health insurance study referral link we can both make $25 when you successfully complete the study. I also made $10 from User Testing. I might write more about User Testing later.

All of the new sources of income are nice extra sources of income, but none of them have the potential to make significant money. Since it is now Q4 I will try to kick my Amazon business into high gear.  Most FBA sellers make the majority of their income during the Christmas season. If I am able to make the majority of my FBA income these last three months of the year then I’ll consider it a successful year. In addition to FBA I’ll be looking for other ways to make more money. It shouldn’t be too hard to make more money this month than I did in September.

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