June Expenses – $1115.37

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for June.

Household $418.92
Entertainment $165.02
Transportation $116.81
Food $178.24
Student Loan $37.71
Travel $20
Phone $36.79
Health $141.88
Total $1115.37


My June expenses were overall very reasonable. If it weren’t for some extra spending in the entertainment and food categories I would have made my $1000 monthly expense target.  Of course, there is almost always some expense category that is larger than normal causing me to miss the $1000 target. If I can ever have a month with completely normal expenses I’ll easily make the $1000 goal. I’m going to do some traveling this month which will cause the travel expense category to be larger than normal.

The entertainment  category was unusually high in June. That was because I spent $120 on a $150 movie gift card. Although I accounted for the entire expense in June we will be using the card for months. That should result in very low entertainment expense for the next few months.

Food was high because I went out to eat almost every work day. Now that I’m no longer working and trying to lose weight I will cut way back on eating out and should reduce this expense considerably. However, I do plan on traveling quite a bit this month which will make it challenging to stay out of restaurants and keep my food expenditure at a reasonable level.

I expect my other expense categories to be about the same in July as in June.  I’ll be pretty happy if I’m able to keep July’s expenses at roughly the same level as June.

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