May Income – $940.63

Here is a breakdown of my income for May.

Job $283.62
Interest $0.82
Online Income $284.85
Amazon FBA $246.27
Cash Back $125.07
Total $940.63

My income wasn’t too great in May. I did start a job in the second half of the month. I only received a paycheck for two days work in May so the job didn’t provide much of an income boost for May.  The job paychecks should make this month a much better income month.

It was nice to have two profitable online months in a row. My online income will probably never return to the level it was a few years ago, but if I can make a thousand dollars or two from blogging I’ll be happy with that.

My FBA income has been pretty pitiful the last couple of months. I’d like to rebuild FBA income back to the $1000 a month level which I know is possible. That will have to wait since I don’t want to put too much time into FBA while I’m working a full-time job. On a positive note, making purchases for FBA has increased my cash back income.

For now I will mainly focus on making money from my job.


2 thoughts on “May Income – $940.63”

  1. Hope the income from your job is making it more tolerable. It seems like a document review job could be done from anywhere. It’s nice that there isn’t a dress code for you, but why do you have to commute so far to do it? Seems like it could be done from home if you wanted to. I’m continually amazed by your FBA income. Even after you explained how you do it, I’m still in awe that you could make so much money finding arbitrage on different items versus what Amazon sells them for.

    • Jon – The income does help. This job would be doable as a work-from-home job if it weren’t for the confidential nature of the documents we’re reviewing. The reviewers need to be in a supervised setting so the law firm can ensure the documents remain confidential.


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