January Income – $1199.32

Here is a breakdown of my income for January.

Online Income $0
Interest $0.94
Uber $113.02
Amazon FBA $783.55
Cash Back $241.56
Mystery Shop $39.00
Motif Bonus $100
Achievemint $25
Total $1303.07


My income went down quite a bit in January. This wasn’t totally unexpected since I knew my Amazon FBA income would be down after the Christmas rush. On the plus side I did at least make more than my expenses. In order to get ahead financially I will need to make quite a bit more than this though.

One way I hope to increase my income this month is by driving more for Uber. I’ve already made more this month than I did last month. I won’t be going on my hiking trip since it appears  Shenandoah is going to get a lot of snow. Not going on the hike will give me more time to make money this month. Hopefully, I can get my February income at least to the $2000 mark.

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