January Expenses – $1104.74

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for January.

Household $431.74
Entertainment $23.61
Transportation $351.85
Food $128.93
Student Loan $37.71
Travel $0
Phone $36.79
Health $94.11
Total $1104.74


My January expenses were pretty low. I would have easily kept my expenses under my target of $1000 if it weren’t for having to get four new tires at an expense of $350. Other than that there were not surprise expenditures during the month. I’m hoping for no surprise expenditures this month. This month’s expenses should be about the same. I’m considering on going on a one-week hike. If I do that then my travel and gas expenses will be higher than normal. Even if I do go on the trip I should be able to keep my expenses pretty low. There are only 29 days this month to spend money which should help a little bit.

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