Online Income Report – June 2010

For the month of June I made $414.06 in online income. I report my income when I actually receive it not when I earn it so my income total may not reflect my current income trends. The total I report here is my gross income but the total I include in my monthly income is minus some expenses so the totals will not always match. Here is a breakdown of my income for June.

Google Adsense     $295.79

Text Links                $37.16

Affiliate Sales         $67.00

Direct Ad Sales      $14.11

My Adsense continues to go down.   Since there is a one month delay in payment I already know my Adsense total for this month is down and it looks like it will be down again next month.  I have done a lot of experimenting with my Adsense to try to increase my Adsense revenue but so far I have just found a bunch of ways to decrease my Adsense revenue.  I will keep trying while also trying to increase my income from sources other than Adsense.

If I receive the payments owed me my affiliate sales total for July will go way up.  I have also already had one  nice direct ad sale for a full year making a nice increase in my direct ad sales total.   I am also talking to a couple of other advertisers, if all the possible deals come through July should be my best month for online income to date.  I’m not counting my chickens yet though and I need to keep working on increasing my income and diversifying the sources of income.

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