Bought a New Cell Phone

I bought a new cell phone yesterday to take on my hike. I bought an lg rumor touch off Craigslist for $60. This was a great price since it would have cost me $30 to buy the phone if I signed a new two-year contract. It is worth more than $30 to me to not have to sign a new contract. I have already activated the phone and it is working fine.

The main reason I bought a new phone is so I could check my email on the trail. This phone will work for that although I probably will just be checking my email and not sending and reading a lot of emails. How much coverage I’ll have on the trail is another question. It doesn’t look like Sprint has very good coverage along the trail. Hopefully, I will have coverage often enough to make it worth upgrading my phone.

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1 thought on “Bought a New Cell Phone”

  1. Sadly my experience is that the Sprint/Nextel Network is pathetic outside most metro areas and even in some fairly good sized towns it’s less than spectacular. I carry company paid Sprint/Nextel for work as well as a personal one from a different carrier. I’ve yet to find the S/N has a signal when the other doesn’t.


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